Proudly serving Australians with quality coffee products Major Events  -   Private & Corporate Functions  -   Parties  -   Festivals   -  Sporting Events Home       About Us       Our Products       Contact Us       Functions       Workplace       Franchise       Gallery       Site Map The Coffee Run story The present The future In the beginning “Click me to contact The Coffee Run” In 2003 John and Melinda’s passion for coffee prompted them to design and construct Adelaide’s first mobile coffee vans specifically for visits to workplaces on a daily basis. After months of creating their own special blend of quality coffee and milk chocolate mix, they set up a commercial kitchen for Mama to offer her very own catering delights. John and Melinda left their day jobs in hospitality and sales to pursue their dream ....THE COFFEE RUN. Word spread rapidly about the high quality and service. Many compared the van design to a café where customers could see their favourite coffee being created – and have a chat at the same time. Soon afterwards a second van was needed. This then led to the third, the fourth and so on. A small family business has now grown to include many dedicated Baristas who often challenge each other for high quality service and speed. THE COFFEE RUN brand quickly became a household name catering for workplaces, schools, festivals and fêtes, and was regularly seen at all premier events throughout SA. Rapidly gaining in popularity, THE COFFEE RUN currently supply their own special brand of coffee beans, hot chocolate mix and packaged items to the hospitality industry through selected cafés. In addition to workplace visits, THE COFFEE RUN attends schools, auction houses, corporate launches, markets and many major events. State of the art coffee carts are now available and proving popular for indoor events and national expos. In another first for Adelaide, THE COFFEE RUN is currently offering franchise licences and welcomes three more new members to THE COFFEE RUN clan. We currently have new mobile cafés under construction and more opportunities will be available soon. THE COFFEE RUN has a number of exciting ventures happening in the future in Australia, Expansion into all Australian states is our next goal. Work is well under way to create a new flavoursome decaffeinated coffee that will compliment our large range of offerings. Two new fruit smoothie flavours are also in the process of being evaluated. THE COFFEE RUN is often asked for their special blend of coffee beans and chocolate mix. Rumour has it that these may be available soon so that you can enjoy the flavour at home. For John and Melinda, this is only the beginning…… Like us on Facebook